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About Cube

More than 4 years of pouring proper drinks for more than 1k parties. That is a Saint-Pete’s classic and that is a must-visit if you want to shake your booty and to get down tonight!

Extremely electrified atmosphere is supported by local DJs and special guests from foreign galaxy systems.


You’ll easily find a cure for apathy and boredom in our drink list. Moreover, we work hard to impress you with author combinations of liquid ingredients.


Our address:
Lomonosova st, 1,

Partying hours:
Wed - Sun: 9 PM - 6 AM

  • What music genres do you guys have over there?

    There is a special kind of mash-up (disco/house/r’n’b/rap)

  • What’s up for this weekend?

    Check our social network pages for more info!

  • How do I pass facecontrol

    There’s no way! You’ll fail it!


Bar Phone

8 (921) 900-42-09


Daniel Pimenov

8 (981) 156-83-03

Art-director Daniel Pimenov

Bar space can be easily transformed to host any kind of event. Birthday party, hen-party, any anniversary, a concert or a movie quiz.

For more information please contact our art-director!


Check for actual info about our endless parties and weird events at the CUBE BAR social profiles. Sign up!


How to avoid hangover?

  1. Do not mix different kinds of alcohol in heavy way
  2. Try to avoid making huge sips to prevent being totally wasted faster than your friends
  3. Some snack before partying is a must-have!
  4. Do not forget N/A drinks like water, juices etc
  5. Drink 2 glasses of water before sleep

If hangover got you yet:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Vitamins B and C are what you need now. Try fruit salad made of apples, oranges and bananas
  3. Eat something. At least by small pieces
  4. Ask your friend for a slight massage to help your blood circulate.
Work with Us

You are a bartender / DJ / MC / promoter / movie critic / javelin thrower and you think that we definitely need your assistance?

Please let us know by sending your CV to

Cube Friends

We have a kind of loyalty program for our friends and their friends. Getting a member card is quiet easy.

Just fill in the special form that you can get from bartender so that we can check if you’re a stranger or a homie.